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Biohacking is a scientific, holistic and individualised approach to optimising your Mind | Body | Environment | Lifestyle.

Complacently following conventional wisdom, living below your potential while waiting for health issues to take action is what we avoid here.

There are steadily rising global trends in health issues (e.g. obesity, lifestyle diseases), wellness issues (e.g. mental health issues, stress) while many are living way below their own potential (do you ever feel you have more to offer than what the world is seeing). MyBiohacker is here to buckle these trends using ancestral wisdom and the latest in modern science so people can live longer in their own best life storey.

MyBiohacker offers corporate and private coaching solutions. Contact Us for a free call to learn what we can offer to support you.


What People Say

Ben Greenfield


I recently got into Molecular Hydrogen after watching the legend Tyler LeBaron on YouTube about the benefits of high performance antiaging of Molecular hydrogen.

I tried Molecular Hydrogen by dissolving Ultra H2 Hydrogen tablets into a pre-workout drink each morning and had unbelievable cognitive energy.

As well as only taking sublingual CBD to reduce pain and inflammation after strenuous workouts.




I have always had some type of gut issue whether it’s constipation, poor absorption of nutrients, bloating, gas, upset stomach, you name it. So I started a 4 day fast along with intermittent fasting.

Which detoxed my entire system not to mention losing 10 lbs in three weeks! I have never felt so full of energy and confident about my body. An all-natural biohacking technique to lose weight and restore my biology, go for it!


Dave Asprey


I suffered from pneumonia a decade ago and was treated with antibiotics. After recovering from this, I was hit with years of constipation, eventually leading to surgery.

However, this time around I recovered without the use of pain medication. Instead, he hacked his white blood cells to increase production by sitting in a sauna a week before the surgery to reduce recovery time. I also fasted for four days before the surgery to boost my stem cell production.

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